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Summer Camp Surprise!

Once upon a time, a very sweet mama decided to surprise her twin boys upon their return from summer camp with a brand new room!

So the boys packed their trunks and headed off to camp...enter, me (I'll be playing the role of the design tornado that hit this room hard!)

It was a whirlwind 3 day design blitz...from paint (Martha Stewart's Driftwood, one of my absolute all time faves) to draperies and even new (big boy) beds down to the mattresses and pillows!

I can say, I just don't get to do enough boys rooms! It was SO much fun finding a balance between clean, stylish and masculine, but with enough of a baseball theme to make 9 year olds excited about their space!

Some of my favorite details are:

*The baseball lamps from a vendor on Etsy. I handpainted navy stripes on white drum shades from's hard to find just the right lampshade, so when in doubt, paint your own!

*The gray striped IKEA duvets (so preppy paired with navy quilts) that I added patches of some of their old baseball team shirts to. (One of the teams was the Twins...SO cute for actual twins! I loved it!)

*Baseball artwork: Because it's hard to find "cool" baseball themed art, I painted 3 large canvases inspired by one of my favorite Mississippi artists, Walter Anderson. By creating my own art, I was able to incorporate the colors used throughout the room.

The key to decorating for kids is always functionality. Washable quilts are a must. Easy accessible storage helps them learn to organize. (Hopefully.) And being practial about what they may grow out of quickly and what can grow with them!

I can't wait for the boys to get home and see their new space!


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