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Way to Go, Peridot!

Maybe it’s the Irish in me or the fact that my birthstone (August) is peridot, but I can’t get enough green!

So, I have previously confessed to being a color nerd…indulge me.

Green is considered to be the color of growth, harmony, fertility, nature and luck. It is also said to relieve stress and encourage concentration…seems like the perfect color to surround yourself with at home!

I know, some of you are thinking “Green walls? Well, I could NEVER!” But bringing the soothing and refreshing qualities of green into your world is easy!

Green can be a fantastically neutral wall color. (Please stop using Tuscan Tan, I beg of you!!!)

Here are a few of my favorite greens for walls, all Benjamin Moore, all on the same card as they have the perfect balance of undertones that don’t go too yellow or too blue. Remember, green is the color of nature and can be surprisingly neutral. Plus, it’s friendly to all sorts of color partners! You have never thought nature didn’t match, have you? (Point- Color Nerd)

DARK LINEN: Ease into green with this creamy neutral with the tiniest hint of green. Dark Linen will bring a freshness to your walls that no tan can! This is a magical color that changes with the light, so I encourage you to paint a patch and look at it in the various lights of day and night…Wood furniture shines against this beauty and this color is a good choice if you have an open floor plan and need one color throughout.

DILL PICKLE: This was the exterior color of my first little shop in Ridgeland, Mississippi! A happy light green with yellow undertones. Would be beautiful in a bedroom with chocolate, oranges or purples.

JALEPENO PEPPER: Although the paint-namer was clearly not from Texas with the misspelling, this pepper POPS! One of my favorite design clients trusted me enough to put this in her kitchen with amazing results! With white cabinets and bold pops of colors in art and dishware, this is a POWERHOUSE!

OREGANO: So I have a design theory that foyers and powder rooms are spaces to “push the envelope” a bit. Foyers should be welcoming and make people excited to see the rest of your home! And powder rooms are small spaces where can practice being BOLD! (You’ll love the rewards of taking the design risk and want it everywhere in your home…this is my trick to make folks more brave!) Plus, it’s a fun surprise for your guests!

So, that brings us back to Oregano…I used this on the walls in my powder room and painted my cabinets a bold aqua. I used the same aqua in a painted paisley pattern on the walls and added orange accents in a rug, towels and cabinet hardware— instant showstopper! (One of my friends asked if she could live in the half bath!)

So whether its peridot, kelly, citron or chartreuse, bring a little green into your’ll feel refreshed and revived!


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